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 Glamzza is an online fashion brand, founded in Cape Town in 2015 by the Lubelchik family. With years of experience in retail and fashion, the love to fashion was definitely something that drove us to start a business of our own.



The idea was to establish new e-commerce standards; from choosing the items, implementing the most innovative technologies, creating a spectacular customer service that will make our customers smile, and finally and most importantly, investing in our content.



Glamzza is all about being unique and expressing yourself. We offer our customers unique collections that include limited pieces of each item, which makes your look significantly stand out. Each item has what it takes to add 'glam' to every look, so you will always feel like you are wearing a special item that no-one has.


Moreover, our journey and our online shopping experience isn’t complete without our retail sector; opening the most fashionable pop-ups through Cape Town and soon in Johannesburg. We want our clients to trust the internet and to expose our brand to a bigger audience. Therefore, we created spaces so our clients will be able to interact with our brand, physically see our items and feel the fabrics, and being able to try on our clothes.

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